Monday, 17 November 2014

Teacher Training: three things you need to know.....

Recently we asked all those who started graduate teacher training programmes in 2013 what advice they had for anyone thinking about taking up a career in teaching. Here’s some of the advice and tips they shared:

1. Research the different types of programmes

The most frequent response we received really hammered home the need to do research into what kinds of teaching programmes would be suitable for you.

If you’re unsure about the different teacher training routes, try our interactive quiz to get a better idea of the opportunities on offer.

When you think you know what kind of programme you’re interested in, find where to study it in our search tool.

2. Be organised

Get as much information about the training programme as possible by speaking to admissions tutors and careers advisers, and take advantage of any open days and events that are going on.

Make sure you know what the entry requirements are for the programme you’re applying for – some providers require you to pass a professional skills test before you apply so be sure to check this first.

Training providers usually conduct interviews before offering places, so be aware that you may need to attend one shortly after applying.

3. “It’s hard work but a rewarding experience”

One of the most frequent responses we had was that teacher training is hard work but ultimately a very rewarding experience. Although the application process and training may appear daunting to some, a high percentage of the responses we received highlighted just how rewarding they found the experience.

“It is the most challenging, rewarding, unpredictable job in the world. There is nothing I'd rather be doing.”

“It's the most rewarding job out there and you really can make a difference!”

Everything you need to know about applying for teacher training programmes is on our website at You can also download our free UCAS Teacher Training pack now.

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